January 17, 2015

  • Game On: The new season kicked off on Thursday, March 19.  The new Ball Busters continued their winning ways sweeping Matt”s Encores.  They share first place with Crazy About Sets who also took all three over the Fockers.  The Wild Wild West saw spirited action as Can U Dig It dug into and swept the toothless Tigers to take an early lead.  Be the Ball took 2 of 3 against Captain Krunch as did Southern Cross over the Smoggers.
  • No one is undefeated nor winless here in Week 2.  Ball Busters 2 continued their winning ways winning 2 of 3 over their nemesis the Fockers. Matt’s Encore swept Anthony’s Crazy about Sets as they both got to 3 and 3.  In the West, Southern Cross reverted to their old winning magic sweeping Can U Dig It to take over 1st place.  Captain Krunch is back to 500 defeating the Smoggers 2-1.  Meanwhile the Tigers get their first win of the year but still lose 2 of 3 to Be the Ball.
  • Week 3 saw Ball Busters 2 lose two of 3 three to Crazy About Sets but still maintain first place.  Encore tied up Crazy About Sets after taking 2 of 3 from the Fockers.  The Fockers are now in last place in the West. The East saw a major change as Be the Ball got the only sweep of the night as they took first place from Southern Cross. They now have the best record anywhere at 7-2. Can U Dig it took 2 of 3 from the Smoggers.  Finally Captain Krunch tamed the Tigers, taking 2 of 3 as they tied for second place along with Southern Cross and Can U Dig it.
  • Week 4 saw the Ball Busters maintain their slim one game lead in the competitive East as they won 2 of 3 over Encore.  The Fockers won their first series of the season besting Crazy about Sets 2-1.  The West saw Be the Ball continue their dominance over the Tigers winning 2 of 3 to open a two game lead over Krunch.  Krunch won 2 of 3 digging up Can U dig it.  Smoggers got back into the win column crossing up Southern Cross 2-1.
  • Crazy About Sets forged a tie in the East as they swept Encore.  Ball Busters won 2 of 3 versus the last place Fockers.  Captain Krunch tied up Be the Ball as they swept the Smoggers.  Meanwhile Be the Ball lost 2 of 3 against Can U Dig it.  Can U Dig it is now in 4th place.  Southern Cross jumped over Can U Dig it as they swept the tootlhless Tigers. Next week should see the return of Larry (sick on Thursday)
  • Week 6 action featured Crazy About Sets taking over first place as they beat the Ball Busters 2 of 3. They lead by one. Encore remains in the hunt after trashing the Fockers 3-0. In the west, Be the Ball is now 3 up after crunching Krunch 3-0.  Can U dig it tied up Southern Cross besting them 2-1. Meanwhile Larry could not get the Tigers going as they were swept by Big Scott and the Smoggers.
  • Week 7: Crazy About Sets, led by Anthony bested the hopeless Fockers 2 of 3 to keep first place.  Here comes Encore who tripled up the fading Ball Busters and are now one game behind the Crazies. In the West, Be the Ball swept the Smoggers to open up a 4 game lead. The only team worse than the Smoggers are the Tigers, who managed their first win in some time, while losing two, to Can You dig it. Southern Cross planked the Captains 2-1 and are now tied with Southern Cross for second place. Meanwhile there was a Juan Lopez sighting.
  • Week 8: Crazy About Sets led by Anthony horned in on first place as they swept the Ball Busters. Encore is just 2 games behind the Crazies after besting the Ball Buster 2-1 and then going 1-1-1 vs the Fockers who remain in the basement. Ball Busters 2.0, last year’s champs have been eliminated from first place – bring back Rick and Mike.  In the West, Southern Cross tied up Be the Ball ripping them 5-1.  The Smoggers went 5- 1 vs Can U Dig It (3-0) and the Tigers (2-1). Captain Krunch led by John beat the Tigers 2-1.
  • Week 9; Southern Cross finished with a big kick to grab first place in the West sweeping Captain Krunch. Can U Dig it finished in 2nd place as they won 5 of 6 as they also took Krunch 2-1 and swept the toothless Tigers. Southern Cross took 1st place .  Be the Ball slipped to 3rd althought they beat the Smoggers 2-1; Smoggers also creamed the Tigers 3-0. In the East, Crazy About Sets finished with the best record in the league sweeping Encore- minus Matt White and winning 2 of 3 against the Fockers.  Fockers with a late push beat the Ball Busters 2-1.  The playoffs are next week starting at 9pm
  • Playoff Action: In the East, Encore defeated Ball Busters2.0 2-1 to advance. Meanwhile Crazy About Sets, the top seed, swept the Fockers  2-0.  This set up the finals as Encore defeated the Ball Busters 2.0 two games to one in a very close and spirited contest. The West was split into an upper and lower division with the top three teams in the upper and the lowest three teams in the lower.  The upper division saw Can U Dig it defeat Be the Ball 2-1.  They then advanced to play the top team in the West- Southern Cross.  Can You dig it bested Southern Cross 2-0 to win the upper division. The lower division saw the Tax City Tigers stun Captain Krunch, with their first series win of the year, 2-0.  The Smoggers led by Scott were too much for the Tigers and defeated them 2-0 to win the lower division of the West.



  • Week 1 saw the Ball Busters sweep the perhaps rusty Fockers who played without their Captain. Welcome Back  Fockers! Crazy About Sets led by Anthony took 2 of 3 from the Smoggers.  In a close battle Matt led Encore to 2 of 3 over Be the Ball and Can U Dig it led by Aleks took 2 of 3 against Alan and Catalina Wine.
  • In Week 2, the Ball Busters continued their dominant ways sweeping  Anthony’s Crazy About Sets to go to 6 and oh!.  Break up the Ball Busters! Meanwhile Catalina minus injured Captain Alan and Nebel were able to muster one win against Matt and Encore.  Big 6’7′ Scott led the Smoggers to a pair of close wins over Be the Ball. Can’t teach height.  Finally the Fockers got on the board as Captain Blaise returned to the fold leading the Fockers to two wins over Can U Dig it.  Can U dig it pullled out the last game which was the closest game of the evening 25-24.
  • Week 3 featured a key matchup with the top two teams perhaps playing for first place as Encore (4-2) plays Ball Busters (6-0).  Mike Khmil, little-known to the Staten Island volleyball scene, was a monster in helping to sweep Matt’s Encore.  They are not only the only undefeated team- they are also the only winning team. In other action, the Fockers nipped Be the Ball, 2 games to 1.  Be the Ball has bolstered their team, adding Big Mike Flagello to the mix.  Alan returned to Catalina to lead them as they took 2 of 3 from the Smoggers.  The Smoggers were missing Big Country Scott however.  Anthony and newly acquired Scuba Steve led Crazy About Sets as they took 2 of 3 from Can U Dig it.
  • The recreational league began in earnest as Just Spiking (Steve K)  defeated Over and Out (Wayne) team 4 games to 2.
  • Week 4 action: The volleyballs was flying fast and furious as Crazy About Sets finally pinned a loss on the previously undefeated Ball Busters. Still the Ball Busters took 2 of 3 . The undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins can now rest easy. Fockers, with only four players, courageously took two of three against those Crazies about Sets.  Big Mike Nebel returned to league action and helped Catalina to two close wins over Be the Ball.  Encore gets back on the winning track taking 2 of 3 over the Smoggers, still missing Big Country Scott.  The North Division saw  Just Spiking win two over the rec  Crazy about Sets. Over and Out, struggling without captain Wayne (out with calf injury) lost two to the rec Catalina.
  • Week 5 action saw Ball Busters sweep the Nebel-less Catalinas. Fockers have the second best record at 9-6 as they smoked the Smoggers sending them to the basement.  That’s also the place for Crazy about Sets who were swept by Be the Ball- they  moved out of the cellar and in 2nd place in the East, one game behind Encore.  Encore, led by Matt, almost swept Can You dig It- but had to settle for 2 of 3.  In rec play Over and Out took 2 of 3 from nemesis Just Spiking while the Crazies still smarting from the Be the Ball beating ripped Over and Out 2-1. Just Spiking leads Over and Out by two games.
  • Week 6 action: In a major upset, the Smoggers, still without Big Country Scott, but adding the southpaw John Monahan manage to take 2 0f 3 from the first place Ball Busters.  The Ball Busters were missing the leading MVP candidate, Mike Khmil. The Fockers, who have the second best record in the league focked up Encore 3-0.  Captain Matt White however was hot (not in a good way, sorry Nicole :) with a 101 degree fever .  Crazy About Sets got back in the win column going 2-1 over Catalina Wine Mixer.  Be the Ball, who won all three last week, took a step backwards as they were crushed by Can You Dig It, losing all three games in the process.  The entire East is now officially underwater and it’s not due to climate change with Encore still up by one game at 8-10. In rec play Over and Out won 2 of 3 games in a trio of very close games over Just Spiking.  In the nitecap, the rec version of Catalina won 2 of 3 over Just Spiking.
  • Week 7 action: In one of the coldest nights of the century, nobody is hotter than the Fockers, who have won 8 of their last 9.   The Fockers totally put the cork on the listless Catalina Wine Mixers as they swept them , sending them to the basement. The Ball Busters maintained their slim lead – one game – over the Fockers winning just one game against Be the Ball (who won 2).  The Smoggers took over first place in the East as they thrashed Can U Dig It 3-0.  The previous first place tenant, Encore, was beaten 2-1 as the Anthony-less Crazies About Sets got back on the winning track.
  • Week 8 action saw the Ball Busters crush Crazy About Sets 3-0, to clinch the best record in the league.  The Fockers with only four players ran into problems with Can You Dig It as they lost two of three but it was still good enough to clinch the second best record in the league. Be the Ball given up for dead at 4-8 with the worst record in the league have turned it all around.  Be the Ball swept Matt to officially end Encore’s chance at first place.  With the addition of Mike Flagello, they have gone 8-4 to tie for first place in the East.  During that time, only the Fockers have a better record at 9-3- in fact they have the same record as the Ball Busters over the last 12 games! The Smoggers who had a one game lead over Be the Ball coming into Thursday’s action won 2 of 3 over Catalina Wine to maintained first place however. This was due to the fact that in week 2, the Smoggers won 2 of 3 vs Be the Ball- they are still in first place by a tiebreaker.  This sets it all up for the final week of the regular season as the Smoggers & Be the Ball will play for first place next week. They have the same record in the division at 6-6 (the third tiebreaker).  Rather than go to a coin flip, the winner of next week’s match might just as well take the division.  Nobody has coins anyways :) Meanwhile in rec play, Over and Out is now up by 1 1/2 games over Just Spiking.
  • Week 9 was a snow-out.  Unfortunately i cannot be made up.  Sorry
  • PLAYOFFS: No surprises here as the team with the best record played the team with the second best record. Congratulations to Rick and the BallBusters who beat the Fockers in the Finals to win the Inaugural Championship!
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