Captain Expectations

November 6, 2014

We all like to play volleyball and have a good time, but if you stop to think about it, that usually only happens on teams that are well run. Being a team captain in this league is about fielding a competitive team and then motivating, inspiring and leading your team to the big victory! Towards that end, here is a summary of what future team captains should expect.

Before we get into expectations, there are some key principles that all players (captains included) should try to remember:

  • All players in this league signed up to have fun.
  • Fun means being treated equally and feeling like you are a welcome contributor to your team – being appreciated for the skills and effort you bring and getting to play at an appropriate level, ideally on a competitive team.
  • Players who are not having fun will eventually stop playing in our league, so it is fundamental that we as a league and you as a team captain work to provide everyone a fun experience.


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