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Penny Nichols Makes Sense – Bats!

Posted on 07 November 2011

Everything I Know About Bats

  by Penny Nichols

Bats have wings, they use them to fly. They have fangs that are very sharp. They use the fangs for scaring insects and drinking blood. Bats look like rats. You can’t hear a bat scream. If it vibrates you can hear it talk, you may not be able to understand a bat because they only speak French. Most people cannot understand a bat, but a dog with 3 legs can. If a person had 3 legs and was French he would be able to understand a bat when it speaks too.

Bats can’t see even in the nighttime, because of this I think they are blind. The truth is I think they are faking because they do not like to do their homework. I don’t blame them. In the daytime some of them can see. There are Vampire bats, and regular bats too, sad bats, happy bats, even bats that don’t like you. Bats know when they are hungry. Sometimes when they are rally hungry they eat people. Some bats don’t like people so when they get really hungry they rather eat frogs.

Bats have claws, sharp claws. They use them to tear things apart. If you have a bat for a pet you must have him de-clawed. This is why cats are better as pets. Fish are even better then cats because they cannot drown and they can swim. I don’t think bats can swim, but they can fly, so can birds, and some birds can even swim. Even though a bat can beat a bird in a fight, a bat will usually not eat a bird because it likes frogs better. If a bat gets into a fight his friends cannot help him because they are blind and won’t know. If I ever have a bat for a pet, I will get it contact lenses because bats look funny in glasses.  Bats look like rats, but rats don’t fly like bats. I once killed a bat in my pajamas, how he got in my pajamas I’ll never know. I thought they were blind, it must have been in the daytime.

    Little known facts about bats –

  • Bats smell because they cannot see.
  • They also use their ears when they are hungry
  • If you bother a bat it will kill you, even though it rather kill a frog.
  • Bats come from caves. We don’t know how they evolved. I think it was from a garbage can, which is where my mother said I came from.
  • If a bat bit you, you wouldn’t be dead, but you would have two marks on your neck. After six of these marks, you will become a bat and need contact lenses.

Next week I will tell you everything I know and think I know about elephants. That is if I don’t forget.