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Penny Nichols Makes Sense – Children Cause Divorce!

Posted on 09 October 2011

Children are one of the leading causes of divorce.

by Penny Nichols

PennyIs it wrong to tell your Children that the reason you are getting divorced is because of them?  Even when you assure them that they are not responsible for the marriage breakup, most children believe they are somehow responsible anyway. They think to themselves, “If I’d only been better, it wouldn’t have happened,” or “If I had just done something different, things would be OK with Mom and Dad.”   It’s no wonder that children feel responsible, it usually is their fault.

Whether we want to admit it to or not Children are among one of the leading causes of divorce. Many married couples believe that they have to have children, however, not everyone wants or should be allowed to have children. We fix our dogs and cats, but we allow people to have children. For some couples having children can cause a light to burn out in their marriage. Children factor in to the financial stress of a marriage, as well as the lack of communication in a marriage. 

Children require a lot of attention, and no matter how much attention and support you give them it is never enough. They also are very expensive and always want or need things. This situation causes many married couples to argue over financial issues. They also argue over the decisions made for their children, when one of the partners does not agree with the other in certain situations. Remember not all people are raised the same way. I remember one couple where the man used not being allowed to watch TV as a punishment because this is what his parents did to him. This infuriated his wife and she watched TV anyway. This causes them to resent each other, and puts the marriage in jeopardy. Children also require a lot of nurture, and though needed by both parents, normally only the mother has the patience to give them the full attention that they need. This often causes spouses to become jealous, because they feel that they are no longer getting the attention that they were once use too. This  is often the excuse that leads to adultery among one or both partners, as they feel they are no longer important to their spouse. Many couples experience this conflict in a marriage, and as a result, they turn to divorce as a way out of an unhappy situation.

If it is the children’s fault then why shouldn’t they be held accountable? I think by the time a child is 30 they should be on their own anyway, don’t you?